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The Loss of DIY Build Threads on the Muff Wiggler Forum

I have complicated feelings over Muff Wiggler. The site went through a period of sexism from some users, and the forums are not as friendly a place in general as the community has grown. The site owner and the forum moderators struggled to deal with this issue, and in some ways eventually gave up on this issue. This is more noticeable in some places than in others. The off-topic discussions were especially bad, but honestly this is not a topic I wish to discuss at this time. This is not about that. This is about an attack which has effected the better parts of the forum.

The forum does have it’s awesome bright spots, namely the ciat-lonbarde and Synth Tech DIY subforums. There was a real community in both places, and this is where the forum shined as an absolutely great and welcoming resource. But it is the effect of the hacking on the DIY subforum which is most heartbreaking.

The hacking targeted many commercial activities on the the board, and since many of those who pushed for DIY on the board were engaged in commercial activities, a great deal was lost.

The DIY subforum has long been known for a “build threads” these are threads which provide information on building synthesizers and modules. With the changeover and the hacking, many of these threads are now lost. For example my friend Paul Akin from Uglysound Electronics thread on the Ian Fritz Serge Format Panels is gone. One of those panels was high on my build list. Even though Paul is readily available if I have questions, the fact is, the thread was a great resource and means many questions that have already have been answered do not have to be asked and answered again. This is why build threads are so critical.

I am completely heartbroken, even if this is temporary this is a huge loss to the synth maker community. Building is not an overnight activity, many of us take years to get to items on our build list and build threads often are invaluable resources. The very fact many of these are currently missing is a loss to both the maker and synth community.

My hope is these build threads are recovered, my fear is they are gone forever. The loss to the synth and maker community would be substantial.