1. Can I Contribute?

Yes, I will always looking for people to write guest posts.  Contact me using the contact form to do so or tweet me @msmodular.

2. I am a manufacturer/developer will you review or preview my synthesizer module/guitar pedal/software/etc. on your blog?

The short answer to this is yes, but you must contact me in advance. While I will do reviews of stuff I just happen to be using, this is likely because it has found it into my workflow. However, if you want me to specifically review, preview, or demo your device or software, you do need to make arrangements with me. I need to work with you to set aside time to do the previews and reviews in a timely fashion.  Do not send me a device or software, and expect me to turn around a preview and review with demos in a couple of days.

3. Will you come to my event in DC, NYC, Boston, Philly, or Baltimore?

Yes, if I have time. If you provide me with free entry to the event and cover travel expenses, I will definitely show up.  I hate airports and love Amtrak.

4. Will you come to my event in some far away city? 

Maybe. I did mention I did not like airports right?