About the Blog

There has been debate in the music technology community about the participation of women. This has come up with both software, where fewer than 10% of women used Ableton live, to the modular synthesizer community where the presence of women is extremely rare. The ladder may be so extreme there has been debates about sexism in the community.

Instead of focusing on the problems of the existing community, this blog will instead focus on bringing more women into it. Many of the first synthesists were women, whether it be Daphne Oram, or Laurie Spiegel.  The beginnings of electronic music started with women, yet over time this has diminished.

While I do wear the feminist badge, this is not a feminist blog. There are plenty of explicitly feminists blogs out there. This is a gear blog, written by somebody who happens to be a feminist, and wishes to encourage more people play musical instruments, specially synthesizers and other music technology. Like the Mary Sue, which is a geeky pop-culture blog, the blog is to provide more of a female and lgbtq friendly atmosphere. At the same time, the information to be provided should be of interesting, or entertaining to anybody who has an interest in synthesizers, music technology, or whatever else that gets posted.  While on rare occasion there will be posts on a topic relating to inclusion in the broader community, the primary mission is to increase participation through advocating practice.

About MsModular 

MsModular (aka Christine P, PraxisCat) is a Washington, DC based experimental musician, synthesist, and multi-instrumentalist. While she is a modular synthesizer enthusiast, she also utilizes software synthesizers and guitars in her music.