My Music Community, Under Seige

Normally when news is covered, it is not your friends which are impacted. This has not been the case as of late for me.

I have had friends who have been harassed, local venues which have been targeted, and I could go on. The DC music community has had a rough couple of months. Conspiracy theories and intentional targeting has basically impacted people and venues in my community. This has not been easy emotionally, as people walking into a pizza place that host shows with a weapon kind of has an impact on ones psyche. As does finding out your friends house parties are getting doxed on the darkest corners of the internet.

I have not written in the last few months, because it has not been the brightest period. I also have been focusing when I could on completing an album. I do have a few reviews and other pieces in the works, including a review of the Arturia Drumbrute. So the blog is still active, and likely will be more active in the future.