Ramblings on Future Posts

There is always this personal struggle when writing a blog like this whether to focus on personal ideas, or to be more educational in terms of what is out there in terms of ways to make music with synthesizers and other instruments.

Ann Friedman who is the former executive editor of GOOD mentioned a blog post in her widely read newsletter. I wrote about being child free. It was easily the most personal piece I have written.

Over the last few weeks I have not had much time to work on posts because of work and other projects I am involved with. My next post was actually intended to be on OSCiLOTT for Max for Live and Modular X for Reaktor. Which by all means is a discussion on software which does a good job of emulating the functionality of modular systems.

However, this brought me to think whether or not I should write more about some of the personal aspects of composing  electronic and experimental music as well. The reality is the personal is actually at times easier to write about than the technical. The fact is though there are very few women writing about music technology right now, especially with regards to modular synthesis. Going forward I will likely write on both the technical and the personal, as previous posts suggest that I already do, because they are both important.